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More Career Advice for Upcoming PR Professionals [#GothamPR]

By Patrick Coffee – August 11, 2014 via @PRNEWSER

As hot as PR may be right now (check out the growing gap between communicators and journalists), young professionals still face considerable challenges in navigating their way around the industry.

Last week we spoke to Courtney Lukitsch, principal and founder at Gotham Public Relations, to learn more about how she evaluates junior-level candidates. This week she shared more insights on what applicants need to know and the ways in which the industry will change in coming years.

PR is a rapidly changing business. What is your advice to those just coming on to the scene?

Do your research upfront. If you walk in cold and unprepared to an interview, a PR pro will smell it on you and disqualify you almost immediately.

It’s a confidence and intelligence game. Plus, at most firms, a candidate will be interviewed by different members no less than three times. This is true even at the junior level given team dynamics, but it’s even more crucial when interviewing for mid-level and higher jobs.

What are some things you know now that you wish you’d known when you first started?

Each agency is a tribe with a specific culture. Finding the right fit means surrounding yourself with firm executives to learn with and from, because not every match will be an ideal one.

Your first job is not your last job. Keep learning and challenging yourself to get promoted to progressive positions within relatively tight timelines. Don’t back away; change is good.

Which PR fields are friendlier to entry-level workers, and which provide better learning experiences?

Tech is great — it’s an industry featuring constant innovation with the introduction of new platforms and products every business quarter. These environments typically skew younger and more collaborative, and agencies with a tech focus generally expect entry level employees to adapt to a slightly sharper learning curve.

Anything involving design/creative thinking will offer a more sociable, welcoming setting than, say, a larger corporate firm.

In the new digital age, which skills do employers most value in applicants?

They are excited to see applicants with demonstrable written and verbal communications skills as well as in-person “people skills” that they can then parlay into the digital environment: visual insights and the ability to deal with crowds, deadlines, pressure and constant change.

Of course, they also expect candidates to be savvy across social media platforms and have the ability to manage multiple lines of communication. Additionally, they want employees who have the ability to comport themselves effectively either with clients in a team/solo environment. It’s vital to have confidence in your team’s ability to present itself effectively.

Which industry trends do you expect to grow more prominent in coming years?

Multidisciplinary practices are becoming the norm where PR skills are complemented within the Agency along with branding, visual, social media and digital responsibilities.

The PR environment is more competitive than ever, so refined analytical skills and the ability to come up with creative solutions carry increasing value. Metrics are progressively becoming more important in this context as well; clients now hold more firms accountable for delivering measurable results.

Gotham PR – New York City


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PR Insider: Visually Promoting The Client’s Global Brand Story [Gotham PR in New York]

PR Insider: Visually Promoting The Client’s Global Brand Story

by Courtney Lukitsch | published 07/10/2014 http://www.PRNewsInsider.com

With design thinking leading the charge on worldwide innovation, PR professionals are increasingly leveraging visual media, long the purview of luxury advertising and branding specialists, to assist in relaying a client’s story. At Gotham PR, we have always advocated speaking visually to tell the client’s story through photographic essays, where styled vignettes or even spontaneous “moments” of discovery are captured and then revealed in the form of artful features.

Our brains are now hardwired to respond to visual stimuli and read less, given dominant social media platforms that include Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and of course the ubiquitous Facebook. Many “insiders” in the luxury brand world and creative industries have dropped their Facebook presence for a more intimate relationship with audiences exclusively on Instagram. This of course, being a larger strategy on Facebook’s part to become a platform of many apps and the recent popularity of a new shareable photo narrative app called Storehouse, to further enhance the power of visual storytelling online. As Luxury Review Daily reveals, the smartest and most adaptive visual storytelling brands tend to be global legacy luxury brands, including Burburry, Fendi, Gucci, and Prada.

In fact, those late to the Instagram game might be surprised to see how much pull this space has compared to waning audiences of particular younger ages on Facebook, according to a recent study published at Mashable.

Instagram, the leader in mobile visual media boasts over 200 million users, with daily activity from 7 million people and has grown a whopping 25% just this year. 42% of U.S teens and 34% of millenials use Instagram on a mobile device, which is great news for the 24/7 marketing cycle that can tap into those users with a quick, easy to digest, vibrant visual story any time of day. [Source: Digital Marketing Ramblings.]

As a boutique Marketing PR Agency located in New York and London, specialized in working with highly creative design and architecture enterprises in 15 countries, Gotham Public Relations has built a solid reputation for providing lateral marketing solutions and partnerships to linear press campaigns. So what does this mean in literal terms within a deliverable capacity?

We encourage our clients to elevate the verbal aspects of their story through exemplary renderings and professional photography. In the case of architects and designers, that means elegant, site-specific artwork, complemented by optimized websites and a social media presence to drive home global awareness and added search value. Visual language is universal so nothing is lost in translation and clients can tell their story in real time as building get built and products get launched.

A fascinating piece was published in the past week, which details the impact Instagram had on driving first time visitors and new audiences into the somewhat rarified atmosphere within The Metropolitan Museum of Arts via a creative #EmptyMet Instagram campaign in The New York Times. For those of us working in the cultural realm it was a no-brainer, but it was ‘new news’ to the populace.

In a technology-savvy marketplace, both the agency and client should possess a strategy for adapting to relevant visual social media platforms. This often involves a lengthier discussion on the merits and traction attached to these platforms and reinvesting into next generation or legacy websites capable of incorporating and benefiting from not only search, but social media. It affords the ability to tell a client’s story in a well-rounded fashion that involved nonverbal cues as well as in- depth profile print coverage.

Inspired moments of sharing have meant the successful proliferation of a common visual language amongst professionals and consumers alike on influential social platforms like instagram and pinterest. Both of these increasingly popular hubs drive awareness and ultimately purchases. Case in point: Twitter regained footing with PR professionals and press once the photo feature was recently restored to lend context and SEO value-add.

Business Insider noted Tumblr users at 34 million with nearly half of them being between the ages of 16 and 24, a historically difficult demographic to target. Not only is this a goldmine for desirable target audiences, it also promises actual attention as users spend more total time digesting media on Tumblr than on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It is widely acknowledged that the creative brain conceives things conceptually long before ideation manifests into the mainstream. Once art and commerce get together to drive profit opportunities, that’s where design thinking is implemented and PR professionals thus have a ‘tangible’ with which to work. Social media is accelerating this process one hundredfold in real time. We must keep apace, if not the proverbial PR ten steps ahead, to best leverage these new assets and generate added value for our clients.

Courtney Lukitsch, is Founder & Principal, Gotham Public Relations, a 12 year-old boutique Marketing PR agency specialized in global luxury design in New York & London. Website: http://www.gothampr.com; Twitter: @Gothamist1; Pinterest: pinterest.com/gothampr; Tumblr: wearegothampr.tumblr.com

Hot Time Summer In The City

Gotham PR in New York is heating up thought-leading media and marketing campaigns within the architecture, commercial development and retail design worlds with Kohn Pedersen Fox in New York and BurdiFilek of Toronto through a Summer series of press tours and dedicated symposia.

In the world of residential interior architecture and new large-scale project debuts, Gotham PR is working with Luca Andrisani Design and Caroline Beaupere, with an exhibit of new custom collectible furnishings by Anathasia Millot at Valerie Goodman Gallery in New York.

Michael Dawkins Home in New York and Miami Design District continues to introduce new lighting and furnishing collections in showroom with Lasvit, Nahoor, Workstead and Skram, along with project profiles by the design studio of built client properties in Mexico City, NYC and South Beach. The company recently completed a series of designer special events with New York Spaces, Luxe New York & Miami and Florida Design.

The Agency announces new London-based brand campaigns in August – stay tuned – and follow our Agency’s visual storytelling on behalf of Clients at wearegothampr.tumblr.com and pinterest.com/gothampr

KPF Fifty Five Hudson Yards Revealed In New York [Gotham PR Client News]

Fifty Five Hudson Yards Revealed – KPF as Design Architect

New York, NY – June 4, 2014 – Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group today unveiled Fifty Five Hudson Yards, the latest addition to the commercial office tower collection in the 28-acre Hudson Yards development. The building is perfectly positioned at the intersection of Hudson Yards, the High Line and Hudson Park & Boulevard. The entrance to the building is just across from the new No. 7 subway extension which connects to every other major subway line as well as Grand Central Station. Penn Station is also a less than five-minute walk away. The anticipated LEED Gold, 51-story, 1.3 million gross square foot building is slated to commence construction in January of 2015 and be ready for occupancy at the end of 2017.

The design of Fifty Five Hudson Yards is defined by its indoor-outdoor spaces, SoHo and early modernism inspired exterior design, and exceptionally efficient interior space planning. The conceptual design of the building was a joint venture of A. Eugene Kohn of Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Kevin Roche; KPF served as the Design Architect.

One of the few office buildings in the entire city opening directly onto a park, the main lobby of Fifty Five Hudson Yards sits at the southwestern edge of the City’s new Hudson Park. With a unique buffer of green space, light and air around the building, Fifty Five Hudson Yards offers a welcoming arrival experience for building tenants and visitors. The architects built on the appeal of this great outdoor space by designing a dramatic outdoor terrace overlooking the park on the building’s tenth floor. Situated where the building sets back from the podium floors to the tower, this elegantly landscaped vantage will provide scenic views of Hudson Park as it extends to the north, and the Hudson Yards Public Square and the High Line to the south. The ability to provide gracious indoor-outdoor space continues up the building as the design offers the ability to carve private, double-height terrace spaces into the tower in flexible locations. These tower terraces allow tenants and guests to enjoy an outdoor experience surrounded by superb views of the Hudson River and the Midtown skyline without having to leave the building.

The revitalized High Line district, the manufactured cast iron façade of SoHo commercial buildings and the best of early modernism have inspired the façade of Fifty Five Hudson Yards. The matte metal and stepped articulation of the window frames present a strong and solid exterior appearance, which is modern but uniquely New York in character. Sun and shadow play across the detailed façade frames creating a visually rich interplay and an unusually strong sense of texture and depth. While the building references the solid exterior of the City’s classic cast iron buildings, it also shares their expansive windows and interior light. Fifty Five Hudson Yards will offer floor-to-ceiling glass throughout the building, bringing light streaming across the entirety of each floor and helping to promote the open skyline and river views it enjoys.

Freedom Tower and 911 Museum Opens in NYC




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