Is Haiti Coverage Redundant? Today’s Top Headlines…

In Haiti, the dozens of redundant dispatches are stressing an already perilously fragile situation, as all the journalists scrambling to get into the country chew up valuable capacity and resources. Surely there’s a better way. Salon: Why can’t the Times and Post agree on Haiti? Marketwatch: Fox’s Bill Hemmer suspects that the next urgent journalistic angle would involve security concerns in Haiti. WaPo: For the first time, all of the major domestic TV news networks have deployed doctor-reporters to the scene of a natural disaster, producing a dramatic kind of participatory journalism. NYO: The crisis in Haiti is a potent reminder to the Sam Zells of the world, who are finding the quickest ways to kill off once-great papers: Reporting is expensive, and the Haiti story is a reminder why you keep experienced newshounds on your payroll. TVNewser: Is a line being crossed in the Haiti coverage?


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