Media Debates Merits of News Paywall Pay Wall: Media CEOs, Editors And Bloggers Weigh In (FishbowlNY)
With The New York Times’ pay wall a year away and its details vague, there are many questions still left to be answered. Media insiders have their opinions, so we went to them for feedback on the Times’ announcement. Reuters: Felix Salmon believes that when the NYT pay wall arrives, the number of free articles per month will be in the 15-20 range, and the cost for frequent reading will be set somewhere around $15/month and $99/year. Poynter: NYT execs’ memo to staff about plans to charge for NYT/Media Decoder: People who remain reflexively bullish on free ignore the fact that the clock is ticking on ma ny of the legacy businesses that produce that content, writes David Carr. New York Mag: According to two senior Times officials, the announcement that the paper would be launching a metered pay model for its Web site has nothing to do with the upcoming release of the Apple tablet. Slate: The New York Times Co.’s plan to build a content wall answers the wrong question, writes Jack Shafer. The Business Insider: NPR chief executive Vivian Schiller, the New York Times’ former senior vice president and general manager of from 2006 to 2008, thinks the Times’ new plan for a metered pay wall system is a worthwhile experiment. WaPo: Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth said she has “no plans to charge consumers for access to our stories on the Web,” but added she will carefully watch attempts by others to do so.


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