The Trials of a Former Boy Wonder

Zac Posen was on the fast track when he dressed Rihanna for the 2006 “Fashion Rocks” show.
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IT was late into the night last April 30, after a lavish dinner at La Grenouille honoring the 100th anniversary of Cartier, when Zac Posen, the precocious designer, took a seat next to Glenda Bailey, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar and the evening’s hostess.

Mr. Posen was upset about what he perceived to be a slight of his work in the magazine, and he surprised the editor — and those around her — with a confrontation. The designer, who confirmed the details of his complaint in a telephone interview this week, was offended that the magazine, which rarely featured his clothes, had asked him to appear in a fashion feature that paired designers with characters from “Sesame Street.”

He was supposed to stand next to the Count, the numerically inclined vampire (who happens to share the designer’s hairline and fondness for wearing capes).

“I didn’t want to model with the Count,” Mr. Posen said. “She said that was the only way my clothes could be in the magazine as a non-advertiser. I think she was surprised I wouldn’t take the part, but I stood my ground and I still do.”


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