Marketing to the Millennials

Special Report


The model Lily Donaldson’s hair coils, floats and springs across the screen, creating arresting images in slow motion. As the last strand fades, you brace yourself for the hair spray advertisement that will batter away the emotion and kill the dream.

But it doesn’t happen. Nor at the close of a video of a Rodarte woman — all distressed glamour in a techno-thriller of hallucinatory tension. Not even when you give your personal verdict by clicking on the love/don’t love buttons. There are no distractions, just an intriguing feeling of an experience without blandishments and no e-commerce in sight., the Web site unveiled by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton last week, is as different as could be imagined from the group’s defunct, which it replaces. Instead of urgent offers to buy, each video clip, artistic image and cultural commentary creates a mood and suggests that you have entered an exclusive world where you can absorb and be informed. The pleasure is measured by the time you choose to spend in this enfolding world of art laced with the fashionable.

If you search for the LVMH name or any indication that the site is underwritten by the world’s biggest luxury group, the nearest you get is a fleeting reference to Fendi or another brand that the cognoscenti would recognize as part of the group.

Behind the concept of this interactive platform to create a luxury experience online is Kamel Ouadi, the digital vice president of Nowness. He describes the site as a subtle, discreet and elegant way to offer original, interesting and ever-changing content to intelligent and aspirational people — and those who are already embedded in the digital culture.

“It is not a commercial platform, although we hope that when we have raised the traffic, we can have partnerships with others as well as give animated and customized information,” says Mr. Ouadi, explaining how a visitor’s viewing choices will be streamlined into a personal portfolio.

Read the full article at STYLE Special Report


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