HuffPo Launching New Verticals, Expanding Into Food And Arts

Exclusive to PAID CONTENT

The Huffington Post is continuing to broaden its horizons beyond news and political opinion with two new verticals this month. The first, launching today, is HuffPost Food. Later this month, HuffPost Arts will go up on the site. Both verticals will start off national, but will eventually be an integral part of the site’s local city-centric blogs in New York, Chicago, LA and Denver by including features like restaurant reviews and galleries. Aside from building up the local sites, the new sections are expected to help HuffPo, which hopes to reach profitability this year, make its other goal of doubling revenues this year. The company does not provide specifics about its financial performance.

In a conversation with paidContent, Colin Sterling, a long-time HuffPo staffer who is now the site’s food editor, the new channel will reflect the omnivorous news coverage formula HuffPo typically employs. In other words, the Food section will be written by a lot of well-known and unknown contributors on a vast array of subjects, including recipes, profiles of star chefs and restaurateurs as well as general food industry news. “Part of what HuffPost so addictive, is that it’s a mix of high and low,” said Sterling, who initially proposed the idea about three months ago. “There’s media gossip and also top notch reporting. The Food vertical will emulate that model.”


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