How Rolling Stone Won The News Cycle And Lost The Story (TPM)

In a multi-platform, multimedia environment, it’s difficult for a magazine to break the kind of news that will lead every cable broadcast, every newspaper and every website for hours on end. But that’s just what the Rolling Stone profile of General Stanley McChrystal did. However, if you wanted to read that profile, rather than rely on a couple of pull quotes or the punditocracy? Tough luck: Rolling Stone didn’t even bother putting it online before they rolled it out. Yahoo: While a magazine understandably wants to reap the financial benefits of having a major, deeply reported story only available on the newsstand, the idea of holding breaking news for print doesn’t easily mesh with the demands of the 24/7 online news cycle. Not to mention, with McChrystal summoned to the White House to discuss his comments made in front of reporter Michael Hastings, the public is going to want to know what he actually said. Rolling Stone: Hastings’ in-depth look at McChrystal contains several less-than-flattering quotes and criticisms from the General regarding his colleagues and, perhaps most notably, his boss — President Barack Obama.


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