ESPN, Newsday Break LeBron News Ahead Of ‘The Decision’ (The Wrap)

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Both ESPN and Newsday reported that LeBron James would likely announce signing with the Miami Heat last night on ESPN’s primetime special, “The Decision.” That ESPN broke news that could cannibalize the suspense was surprising, considering some critics figured they’d do their best to keep LeBron’s decision under wraps before the broadcast. Newsday’s report is less surprising given the paper is owned by James Dolan, who also owns the New York Knicks and was active in the James sweepstakes. Freep: “Note to journalism students,” writes Mitch Albom, “when we celebrate investigative reporting, it’s for issues like war crimes, nursing home scandals or police corruption. It’s not to report that LeBron James has opened a Twitter account. But that was a ‘major’ headline Wednesday. And James’ first Tweet was ‘Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building Finally.’ Honestly, who calls himself ‘King’?” All Things Digital: What happens when a really popular person posts a link on Twitter? They make a lot of traffic! So what happens when LeBron James posts a link on Twitter? He makes a lot of traffic — and that traffic doesn’t go away.


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