30 Million People In U.S. Will Own eReaders By 2015

By Dianna Dilworth via mediabistro.com

By 2015, 29.4 million US consumers will own eReaders. This is according to a new report from Forrester Research called, “How eReaders Will Fare In A Tablet PC World,” by analyst James L. McQuivey.

According to the report, eReaders are facing challenges with the rise of tablet PCs. From the report: “iPad is already desired by more people than any single eReader, something we expect to only increase with time. However, with just 3.7 million eReaders in the US market at the end of 2009, there is plenty of room for eReaders to grab the attention of the one-fifth of the US online population that reads at least two books per month.”

As tablets gain steam, expect lower prices on traditional eReaders. More from the report: “We recommend that strategists planning the next wave of eReaders diversify the portfolio of eReading devices to secure their ownership of the reading experience, offering devices that range from stripped-down $49 pocket readers to full-color touch readers that erase the gap between today’s eReaders and tablet PCs.”


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