How much is that tweet worth?

By Kenneth Musante for WebNewser

How much is that tweet worth? Well, to ticket-selling startup Eventbrite, it’s worth about 43 cents. Pretty valuable, according to the results of a study released online Thursday. And a shared item on Facebook is even more valuable, bringing in more than two dollars.

The San Francisco-based Eventbrite has been letting users find, create, and sell out events since 2006, and includes tools to help event creators promote their events through various social networks. By Eventbrite’s measurement, a “share” on Facebook or Twitter is connected to a real-life ticket sale, helping them put a dollar amount on each one.

Over the past 12 weeks, the company said that Facebook netted $2.25 per shared item, a share on Twitter was worth $0.43, a share on business-oriented social network LinkedIn brought in $0.90, and a share via regular old email to an acquaintance was worth $2.34. The value of each share to Eventbright is not fixed, and varies depending on how many items were shared, and how many items were sold during a particular time period.

Eventbrite also says that Facebook is their top referrer, and that shares on the social networking giant is ending them more traffic than Google. According to their study, one share on Facebook sends an average of 11 visits to their site, while one share across all networks yields an average of 7 visits.

The company hasn’t released the gritty mechanics of their study or their metrics system, but it promises to post more reports on the subject over the next few months.


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