The Top 25 U.S. Newspapers According To Google (Journalistics)

The Top 25 U.S. Newspapers According To Google (Journalistics)
When comparing newspaper to newspaper, PageRank seems like a good measure of a newspaper’s authority. Once you get outside of an apples to apples comparison — or in this case, newspaper to newspaper — it gets harder to determine influence or authority. Take popular blogs like The Huffington Post or TechCrunch. Both blogs have a Google PageRank of 8/10 — do those blogs have the same authority as The Wall Street Journal or USA Today? As far as Google is concerned, they do.

Traffic Bait Doesn’t Bring Ad Clicks (NYT)
Perfect Market, a company that helps newspapers make their sites more profitable, examined the advertising revenue generated from more than 15 million articles from 21 news sites over a three-month period this summer. Perfect Market found that the most profitable articles were the ones readers were most engaged with. Topics like unemployment, the egg recall and mortgage rates topped the list. Ad Age: The rise of tools that track top Web searches and their related keyword advertising has been increasing Web surfers’ and advertisers’ potential influence over editorial judgment. And that’s still a concern. Companies such as Demand Media and Associated Content have been eating up Web traffic by assigning articles partly on that criteria. But even if newspapers replaced all their editors with algorithms, according to the new analysis, they still wouldn’t turn into TMZ overnight.

We Thought The Internet Was Killing Print, But It Isn’t (Guardian)
A fascinating new piece of research this week looks in detail at the success of newspaper websites and attempts to find statistical correlations with sliding print copy sales. As one goes up, the other must go down. These are the underpinnings of transition. But “in the UK at least, there is no such correlation,” reports the number-crunching analyst Jim Chisholm.

Yahoo To Offer Media Links (WSJ)
Yahoo Inc. plans to mimic a strategy used by rival Facebook Inc. to help drive traffic to its site, people familiar with the matter said. The Sunnyvale, Calif., company soon will roll out a feature called Y Connect to allow media publishers, Web developers and other websites to integrate elements of their services with Yahoo — an approach Facebook has used in allowing sites to forge links to the popular social network, these people said.

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