LEED Certification Passes One Billionth Square Foot Mark

By Steve Delahoyde for UNBEIGE

Food Lion has done it, Starbucks makes a point to mention that they’re doing it every couple of months, the Empire State Building is doing it, and it even won over suspected green-hater, Frank Gehry. We’re speaking, of course, about the LEED-ification in architecture, which is to say getting certified as more eco-friendly by the U.S.Green Building Council‘s LEED Green Building Rating System. While far more than just getting additional plants inside your office and stories have been filed how difficult it can be for companies to stick with it once the initial earth-aiding glow wears off, the LEED program has just landed a major milestone this month as they’ve crossed over the one billion square feet-certified mark (pdf). What’s more, the USGBC says they have another six billion square feet in the process of either being built or awaiting certification. Certainly a positive marker to hit for a system put in place just a decade ago.

“The impact of these one billion square feet resonates around the world,” said Peter Templeton, President of the Green Building Certification Institute, the certifying body for LEED projects. “The use of LEED
represents a firm commitment to improving our built environment for future generations.”


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