To Trend Or Not To Trend… (Twitter Blog)

Since Twitter first introduced the Trends feature in the summer of 2008, one frequently asked question has been, “Why isn’t X trending?” This week, people are wondering about WikiLeaks, with some asking if Twitter has blocked “wikileaks,” “cablegate,” or other related topics from appearing in the list of top Trends. The answer: Absolutely not. In fact, some of these terms have previously trended either worldwide or in specific locations. Guardian: So what makes a trend a Trend? A “dramatic increase” in the volume of Tweets about a certain topic. It remains to be seen whether that explanation will satisfy the groups that have been grumbling at the lack of visibility for WikiLeaks in Twitter’s Trends. Meanwhile, the anonymous group that has been targeting WikiLeaks antagonists was kicked off Twitter and Facebook, only to reappear, at least on Twitter, under a new name.


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