Snowpocalypse? Snowmaggedon? How About Brrrricane? (TVNewser)

The traditional day-after-Christmas retail stories are taking a back seat to the blizzard in the Northeast. Approximately 2,000 flights were canceled, train and bus service on the busy I-95 corridor was halted, and a blizzard warning is in effect through Monday. Both local and national TV news reporters, camera crews, producers, and production crews are working overtime, and because the blizzard is falling at the end of a holiday weekend, several newsies are finding themselves stranded. Fox Business Network’s Liz Claman tweeted that she’ll anchor her show from Los Angeles Monday and return to New York Tuesday. CNN correspondent Jim Acosta thinks “Snowpocalypse and Snowmaggeden” are dated. He tweets that “Brrrricane” is more fitting. With 60-mph wind gusts, he’s on to something. And Fox News Channel’s Andy Levy tweeted a message for the media: “Please make sure to refer to today’s snowfall as ‘vast and predominantly white.'” Gawker: If you’re reading this, chances are you’re warm and cozy — either because you’re inside, or because you’re not in the Northeast, suffering through “Snowpocalypse,” or whatever the hell The Weather Channel is calling it.


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