What To Expect From This Week’s Consumer Electronics Show (TIME)

Here’s the first thing you need to know about the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES): Despite the name, you won’t find any consumers there. In fact, they’re explicitly barred from entry. The 120,000 or so attendees descending on Las Vegas this week for the nation’s premier gadget confab are employees of manufacturers, retailers, and other outfits in the electronics trade, along with professional industry watchers like, ahem, tech journalists. LA Times: It’s about to get a lot harder to turn off the TV. A torrent of television-ready gadgets will hit the store shelves this year, including dozens of phones and tablet computers that will allow viewers to watch movies and TV shows from just about anywhere. The proliferation of viewing devices — including a new generation of TV sets that connect to the Internet — could boost the chances that viewers will do what cable and satellite companies fear most: cancel their $70-per-month subscriptions in favor of cheaper Web options. B&C: Consumer-electronics giant LG Electronics will be carrying out the first public demonstration of 3D TV transmitted by mobile DTV at CES as part of an effort by manufacturers and broadcasters to promote the technology. Also at the market this week, LG will run a “non-real-time” demonstration of how the technology can be used to deliver coupons. And some Las Vegas stations will broadcast mobile DTV signals during the show. All Facebook: Social media will feature prominently in Friday sessions during CES. Billed as the world’s largest technology show, CES focuses heavily on software and hardware for entertainment purposes. The Facebook tie-in at this conference has to do with streaming multimedia and file sharing via social media. While this will doubtlessly come up throughout the show, it will be the focus of a block of sessions scheduled for Friday.


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