Rupert Murdoch And Apple Launch The Daily (Silicon Alley Insider)

Joined by Apple’s Eddie Cue, Rupert Murdoch and a cohort of News Corp. executives launched a newspaper for the iPad called The Daily. It’ll cost subscribers $40 per year and $1 per week. It’ll cost News Corp about $60 million per year. The Daily will publish once per day, and sometimes feature breaking news. AllThingsD / Digital Daily: More than 100 pages of original news, life, entertainment, opinion, and sports — every single day of the year; original video content; a selection of articles read aloud; 360-degree photos you can explore by swiping. NY Observer / Media Mob: The Daily’s News section is anchored by a cover piece from Egypt by New Yorker and New Republic writer Joshua Hersh — yet it appears to be only about 800 words long. Combined with a slightly shorter roundup of where Egypt’s elite have fled and 200-word blurbs on Jordan, Yemen, and Syria, the picture of the Middle East is wide, but shallow. The next biggest news story, on the snowstorm, had help from the Associated Press. Former New Yorker writer Avi Zenilman has a solid piece on Peter Orzag’s move to Citibank. Nieman Journalism Lab: That AP pseudo-byline, on its own, isn’t 100 percent surprising: Even with The Daily’s reported staff of 100, a publication with such sweeping aspirations will require help when it comes to the classical journalistic practice that is feeding the beast. GigaOM: So does The Daily live up to its billing? Is it the future of newspapers? Not really. It does some interesting things, but it also does some very confusing things, particularly around sharing content. Silicon Alley Insider: The typography is highly flawed, stuck in the forced, “justified” alignment mode that is great for tall, skinny blocks of newsprint, but completely unnecessary on the iPad, which has lovely text handling. WebNewser:The Daily will have (limited) sharing abilities. If you are a Daily subscriber, you can share a story via Facebook or Twitter, and your friends can check out the story for free. It is limited in that you cannot access Daily content directly from its website, and only some content will be available. Interactive features and videos will not be available on the broader Web, although text stories and pictures will be.


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