CNN’s Maddox: It’s Up To Our Journos If They Want To Stay In Egypt (B&C)

Tony Maddox, executive vice president and managing editor of CNN International, spoke Thursday with B&C’s Andrea Morabito about covering Egypt. “We’re avoiding going onto the streets in an open way, we’re trying to avoid being seen out with cameras and stuff, we’ve avoided some live shots today in locations where people that have seen it have attacked us,” he said. B&C: David Verdi, VP of worldwide newsgathering for NBC, told B&C executive editor Melissa Grego the network is being forced to “lower its profile” in Egypt due to safety concerns and detailed how plans to move to a new broadcast setup got scuttled at the last minute when a Cairo hotel refused to let them broadcast. B&C: ABC News senior VP Kate O’Brian said, “We are taking every precaution that we can with them. We know where everybody is at every moment. The rule is that nobody goes anywhere without everybody knowing — everybody knowing including the folks in New York, not just the folks on the ground in Cairo. Each decision is a moment-by-moment decision.” B&C: CBS News and Sports chief Sean McManus said, “The first and the foremost instructions we give them is that you make the decisions with respect to what is the safe thing to do. Nobody in New York would ever give any directions to a camera crew or a correspondent with respect to how to cover the story. That’s up to them, they’re on the ground, we would never expect any of the correspondents or camera crews to take any risks that they thought were unreasonable.” HuffPost: Foreign journalists were beaten with sticks and fists by pro-government mobs on the streets of Cairo Thursday and dozens were reported detained by security forces in what the United States called a concerted attempt to intimidate the press. Mediaite: CNN’s Anderson Cooper gave an update on the situation on the ground to the best of his ability — apologizing for reporting from a dimly lit room, admitting some fear, and explaining that the media in Cairo is being systematically shut down. Multichannel News: The eruption of protests in the Middle East and Egypt has thrown a spotlight on the availability of international channels streamed over the Internet. BBC:Egyptian journalist Shaheera Amin resigned her post at state-run news channel Nile TV in protest over what she says was one-sided reporting.


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