Will HuffPo Join Aol’s Dark Deal History? (Forbes)

At least Arianna Huffington got rich from Aol’s purchase of The Huffington Post news site for $315 million. If history is a guide, Aol shareholders won’t fare as well. WSJ: Aol bought The Huffington Post in a bid to draw more readers and advertisers. But some Madison Avenue executives are expressing concerns about the liberal-leaning nature of the site and its potential to taint the broader Aol brand. Bloomberg Businessweek: Since its launch in 2005, The Huffington Post has relied on unpaid contributors to stock the news-and-aggregation site with myriad opinions on everything from health care to Palin hair. It’s an arrangement unlikely to change soon. Forbes / Mixed Media: If you want to understand HuffPost’s rocket-like growth, you have to look at things like its aggressive search-engine optimization, its cutting-edge social integration, and its highly efficient, ever-evolving publishing platform, which helps editors whip out stories at breakneck pace and supplies them with the feedback to maximize their traffic in real time. FishbowlLA:The freelancers’ unit of California Media Workers Guild launched a Facebook paged titled, “Hey Arianna, Can You Spare a Dime?”


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