Nicolai Ouroussoff Gaga Over Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street

architecture, urbanity
By Steve Delahoyde

Never mind what we said the other day about never minding what we’d said about Frank Gehry‘s recent uptick in good fortunes. The troubles he’s having in Paris aside, the architect can now at least end the week on a far more positive note, knowing that he’s loved in New York. The not-always-easy-to-impress (though sometimes accused of loving stachitects too much) resident NY Times architecture critic, Nicolai Ouroussoff, has weighed in this week on Gehry’s soon to open 8 Spruce Street (previously known as Beekman Tower a few years back, when the development was dealing with some issues). The critic doesn’t simply like Gehry’s very first skyscraper, he seems over the moon about it, calling it “the finest skyscraper to rise in New York since Eero Saarinen‘s CBS building…and Philip Johnson‘s AT&T (now Sony) building…” There are some things Ouroussoff isn’t thrilled with, like some of the building’s interiors, but when he gets to talking about its new place in the skyline, its perhaps the most thrilled we’ve ever read from of him. So at the very least, while still likely angry at all of Paris, Gehry should hopefully be able to smile a bit this weekend knowing that he’s pleased Nicolai so very much.


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