Facebook’s New Comments Box Plug-In Filters Web Site Comment Reels By Relevance (Inside Facebook)

Facebook’s New Comments Box Plug-In Filters Web Site Comment Reels By Relevance (Inside Facebook)
Facebook released a major update to its embeddable Comments Box social plug-in for third-party Web sites. The plug-in processes social signals to surface the most relevant comments, and a new moderation dashboard allows administrators to block profanity and other objectionable content. Mashable: Facebook vice president of partnerships and platform marketing Dan Rose explained exactly what will change with the Comments plug-in. GigaOM: The purpose is to extend Facebook’s tentacles out into the broader Web and integrate its social-graph features into as many different sites and services as possible — like a Web 2.0 version of Microsoft’s old “embrace and extend” philosophy, but in social terms rather than software terms. New York / Daily Intel: Driving more traffic to Facebook while potentially destroying other companies, dominating the way publishers interact with readers, and breaking down the privacy barriers in the process? Congratulations, Mark Zuckerberg. You just won the Internet. Again. TechCrunch:Facebook comments don’t support Twitter or Google logins. It doesn’t yet allow sites to archive their comments to make backups (although an API for that is forthcoming I am told), and switching away from Facebook comments after a few months on the system looks like it will be a hassle (data portability, anyone?). Some corporations block Facebook, which kills it as a commenting system for that subset of users.


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