New York Times, Wall Street Journal Win Pulitzer Prizes For Journalism(FishbowlNY)

The Pulitzer Prize winners in journalism were announced Monday, and despite the crashing Pulitzer website, FishbowlNY managed to secure the entire list. Poynter: For the first time ever, no entry won the category that recognizes local coverage of breaking news events. This decision was especially surprising since this awards period included the earthquake in Haiti and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. FishbowlNY: While all of the Pulitzer winners deserve recognition, FishbowlNY wanted to highlight, which won the first Pulitzer awarded for a series that didn’t originate in print. Read that sentence again, because this is huge news. Nieman Journalism Lab: At the same time more online-only content is receiving a nod from the Pulitzer committee, it’s also worth noting that more projects are entering the awards that include digital components.

25 Under 35(E&P)
They are young enough to have giant Homer Simpson cardboard cutouts in their cubicles, energetic enough to work long hours without Red Bull, and savvy enough to start not one but three newspapers in the midst of a historic downturn. The following 25 publishing leaders are as diverse as their news organizations. Each one of these young leaders has what it takes to move their brands forward and guide their newspapers or media companies through journalism’s confusing and uncharted territory.


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