Following ‘Outburst Heard ‘Round The World,’ WFAA Posts Raw Footage Of Obama Interview(TVSpy)

In what Politico dubbed “the outburst heard ’round the world,” President Barack Obama chided WFAA’s Brad Watson at the end of a seven-minute interview Monday, telling the veteran reporter, “Let me finish my answers next time we do an interview, all right?” As news outlets around the country have picked up the story, the Dallas ABC affiliate is now giving people the opportunity to decide for themselves if Watson (or the president) went too far.

Barack Obama’s Facebook Town Hall(AllFacebook)
A couple of hundred people seated in a room very prominently branded with Facebook’s colors and logos applauded very loudly as President Barack Obama entered the room at 1:58 p.m. ReadWriteWeb: Technology topics Obama touched on included: the need for more engineers and programmers; what his administration is doing to change the education structure; the need for the education system to emphasize science and math; clean energy; and the convergence of the health care industry and technology. Mediaite: The actual question, the final of the night, was phrased like this: “If you had to do anything differently during your first four years, what would it be?” Mashable: Not everybody was happy to see Obama visit Facebook headquarters. There were several groups protesting in front.


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