Berlin Happens Exhibit in New York


May 9, 2011 | Levent OZLER
The exhibition “Berlin Happens” explores the aesthetic and technical innovations of creatives in the city, showcasing both emerging and established designers.

The unexpected is the norm; trials and errors, miscalculations and failures, experimentation and surprise – all result in ingenious design strategies.

The outcome of those experiments will be on view at special press and Architecture & Design events starting May 14, 2011 in the New York City showroom and June 17, 2011 in the Toronto showroom of Relative Space & Floorworks.

A custom video Clarity Matrix wall by Planar will be installed in the storefront of the Relative Space showroom, with all creative content streamed 24/7 to showcase the upcoming exhibit of over 10 Berlin based designers.

“We are interested in questioning conventions and common agreements, or things that we seem to take for granted,” said Juergen Mayer H., who is also a visiting Professor of Architecture this semester at Columbia University.

“Through design and architecture-every scale and field in which we are working-we want to open the eyes of the viewer to be aware or critical, or discover what’s new and the potential of what is around us.

In architecture, we play with scales and conventions of materials, and we blur ideas of tectonics and structure, therefore creating a sculptural quality or an atmosphere.”


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