Jason Sudeikis and Taylor Lautner Open The MTV Movie Awards With A Hangover Part II Parody (Mediaite)

In what has become the standard opening act for MTV awards shows, Jason Sudeikis went on a pop culture odyssey in search of Taylor Lautner, who got lost in a The Hangover Part IIhomage. Mediaite: Robert Pattinson really is the best thing to happen to the network’s awards show franchise in a long time. He wins every award, always shows up, and now thanks to him, they can still claim that the MTV Movie Awardsare “edgy!” AdAge/ MediaWorks: MTV used an expanded programming push around its annual MTV Movie Awardsto bring in more studio marketers than in years past. Adweek: MTV president Stephen Friedman: “Social media is the telephone, and our content is the conversation. I think it’s as simple as that. We need to be everywhere they are. For example, on Facebook, we had 5 million fans [a year and a half ago]. Last week, we had 68 million fans.” NY Post: As business how-to books go, there are few as entertaining as Bill Roedy’s What Makes Business Rock.


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