ABC News Busts Open Anthony Weiner Story, With Help From Andrew Breitbart (TV Newser)

ABC News Busts Open Anthony Weiner Story, With Help From Andrew Breitbart And Its Checkbook(TVNewser)
Monday afternoon, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) acknowledged that he had sent inappropriate photos and messages to various women through email, text, and social messaging sites. ABC News’ Chris Cuomo had been requesting an interview with Weiner all day, as he has an interview with one of those women, Meagan Broussard. How that interview came to pass, however, is almost as interesting as Weinergate itself. TVNewser: If you were watching Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC around 4 p.m. ET Monday, you saw the same story, reported three different ways. HuffPost: On Monday afternoon, in the Sheraton Hotel’s New York West ballroom, it felt, at times, like there were two press conferences happening at once. One featured the spectacle of a teary-eyed and emotionally wrenched Weiner apologizing for his online indiscretions. The other showcased a combative Andrew Breitbart doing his best to hijack the moment. FishbowlLA: Breitbart’s site, Big Government, was widely bashed in the press for breaking Weinergate — mostly because Breitbart had no credibility after the Shirley Sherrod scandal. But, we hate to say it, he’s right about this one. And he’s expertly milking this story for all it’s worth. FishbowlDC: Monday, whatever his motives, Breitbart basked in some kind of glory as journalists tripped over themselves on their way to for the latest bombshell. New York/ Daily Intel: On CNN’s The Arena, Eliot Spitzer began the show by referring to Weiner’s afternoon press conference as “cringe-worthy,” noting, “Believe me, I know, I’ve been there.” FishbowlDC: Politicoblogger Ben Smith’s short post on Weinergate Monday didn’t have him swaying for or against Weiner. He simply pointed out that Monday’s new shirtless photograph may not make the lawmaker resign. Still, some commenters pulled out their baseball bats. Mediaite: With all the scandals to have hit American politics in the 21st century, it’s sometimes hard to keep all these disgraced politicians straight. Luckily, Rachel Maddow put all the data together on one handy chart — the Post Bill Clinton Modern American Political Sex Scandal Consequence-O-Meter, the X-axis representing potential legal problems and the Y-axis representing the creepiness factor of their behavior. Mediaite: Jon Stewart went easy on his old friend, harping on how “ripped” his chest is instead of the fact that he called the police on journalists looking for answers. TechCrunch: Techies are fascinated by the #Weiner story because it is the latest train wreck (and cautionary tale) of online communication.


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