Apple Will Introduce Its Own Newsstand In iOS (TechCrunch)

The iPad Is For Reading: Apple Will Introduce Its Own Newsstand In iOS 5(TechCrunch)
When Apple launched subscriptions for iPad publications back in February, it effectively became a digital newsstand. With iOS 5, it will formalize the process with an official Newsstand app, exec Scott Forstall announced Monday at Apple’s WWDC. GigaOM: Slowly but surely, Apple is trying to convince more media companies to play in its sandbox, and the latest move is an iBooks-style digital news stand for iPhone and iPad. Nieman Journalism Lab: With the new feature (well, new as of this fall), readers can browse a virtual bookshelf — literally, “wooden” and all — and subscribe to a periodical in one tap. New issues will be downloaded in the background, solving one of the biggest problems for magazine publishers that push out issues that are hundreds of megabytes in size. SocialTimes: Apple announced a new feature in Safari mobile for the iPhone and iPad that seems to work a lot like Instapaper. This new feature is named “Reading List.” So, what does Marco Arment think about this? NY Observer/ Betabeat: Join us, if you will, down the rabbit hole of Instapaper founder Arment’s Twitter feed as he heard Steve Jobs & Co. announce what sounded an awful lot like the death knell of Instapaper.


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