The Morning Shows, In Print (TVNewser)

Two new books about morning TV will soon hit stores. New York Times media scribe Brian Stelter, the founder of this blog, is penning a book tentatively titled The Top of the Morning. Meanwhile, TV Guide’s Stephen Battaglio is writing a coffee table book about the leading morning show, NBC’s Today, which celebrates its 60th anniversary in January. FishbowlLA: Stelter was shocked to learn that no one had written a book about television’s many morning news shows. So he decided to do it himself. Poynter: Stelter has experimented with a variety of platforms as a writer — Twitter, Tumblr, newspaper stories, and blog posts for The New York Times. But as he sets out to write his first book, he expects the writing experience to be “excruciatingly hard.” NY Observer: He’s already posted eight times to the Tumblr site devoted to the book. And he’s solicited advice on his personal Tumblr, crowdsourcing the book’s conceits before he begins its prose. Perhaps he can just do that: Take the accumulation of these Tumblr posts, and make them a book.


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