Twitter Announces Twitter For Newsrooms, A Best-Practices Guide For Journalists (10,000 Words)

Monday in an email from Twitter’s PR team, the company introduced Twitter for Newsrooms (#TfN), a compelling resource akin to Facebook for Journalists that will help optimize the platform’s reporting potential. AllTwitter: #TfN provides “a collection of Twitter resources for reporters, editors, producers, and on-air correspondents.” Anyone in the media industry should find this a useful tool, as it illuminates how to use Twitter to find news stories, conduct detailed searches, and verify facts properly. GigaOM: Twitter seems determined to stake its claim as a journalist’s best friend, and to simultaneously compete with both Facebook and some of the other media-related tools and services that are already out there. Nieman Journalism Lab: Covering subject areas like reporting, engagement, and publishing, the site seems like a combination of “how to” (use search, find sources, customize your profile) and a directory of services (Twitter-related tools, an Extra page, with handy links for support). It’s also not without a few celebrity (OK, news celebrity) appearances, with ABC’s Jake Tapper, NPR’s Andy Carvin, and Katie Couric (of CBS most recently) serving as examples of effective tweeting. TechCrunch: But is Twitter essentially preaching to the choir on this one? I mean, it’s pretty likely that you’re well-versed in Twitter if you’re on Twitter and reading something called Twitter for Newsrooms.


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