WSJ Editors Talk Murdoch (WWD)

Four years ago, as Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. began its takeover of Dow Jones, there was unrest in The Wall Street Journal newsroom. There were letter-writing campaigns to the Bancrofts, the family that owned Dow Jones; Journal-ists voiced objections, and some quit. So how do Journal reporters and editors feel now? paidContent: After the Murdochs Rupert and James had their grilling by the Parliamentary Committee on Culture, Media, and Sport Tuesday, with their tense appearance punctured near the end with that pie incident, it was almost anticlimactic when Rebekah Brooks took to the stage as the closing act for the day. Alternating between claims of silence because of the criminal investigation, and outright ignorance/denial of illegal acts like phone hacking, her evidence was thin on any new information on her involvement in the phone hacking and the other allegations being leveled against News International, the U.K. newspaper publishing arm of News Corp. The Independent: The protester accused of throwing a paper plate of shaving foam at Murdoch as he gave evidence to MPs was charged Wednesday with a public order offense. Daily Beast: As Murdoch appeared before his British parliamentary interrogators Tuesday, both a diminished and defiant figure, perhaps his longest-standing critic — and admirer — would have been thinking, I told you so. His mother, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, had, in fact, told him so 42 years ago, when he bought the newspaper that would find itself at the center of an unprecedented political and media scandal on both sides of the Atlantic.


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