Twitter Removes Mentions, Retweets Folders From, Adds New Username And Activity Tabs (AllTwitter)

Wednesday Twitter started to roll out a couple of (very) big changes to that have meant a significant revamp of the user interface, including the loss of both the @Mentions and Retweets folders, and the introduction of a new, slicker, and more fluid way to help you keep up with exactly what’s happening. TechCrunch: The @USERNAME (obviously, USERNAME will be replaced by your Twitter name) stream will still show your @replies, but it will also show things like when someone follows you, when someone favorites one of your tweets, when someone retweets one of your tweets, or when someone adds you to a list. The Activity stream will show you all of those things, but related to all of the people you follow on Twitter. In other words, you can see if a connection has retweeted a tweet, or if they followed someone new, etc. GigaOM: The new features appear to be aimed at giving users more insight into how their behavior is affecting their social graph on the service, and potentially boost Twitter’s “stickiness” factor by encouraging people to spend more time exploring the site. ReadWriteWeb: What does this mean? It means that many different streams of the most interesting data published by Twitter, always in public but never all in one place and never right in the center of attention, have been illuminated and put front and center. Mashable: The new tabs have already appeared for some users and will continue to be gradually rolled out to all Twitter users. Gawker: Tired of clicking endlessly on Twitter to find out who is loving you, who is quoting you, who is stalking you, and who is talking about you? Good news: The microblogging service just made narcissism way less time-consuming. TechCrunch: Twitter will begin testing its link-wrapping feature, which will automatically shorten all URLs 20 characters long or greater into links. This test will affect a certain percentage of tweets posted publicly through the service, or sent out via direct message.


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