‘Read. Watch. Listen.’: Facebook’s Official Motto For f8 (AllThingsD)

Facebook will unveil its next massive initiative to socialize the Web at its f8 developer conference Thursday. A key focus of this year’s annual event has been well reported: content. And that’s the way the social networking giant will play it at the confab, using the basic phrasing, “Read. Watch. Listen.” TechCrunch: Facebook vice president of global communications Elliot Schrage said that this was going to be big, and that it would go down as either the most important, or the second most important, f8 yet. Business Insider / Silicon Alley Insider: So what’s on tap? Here’s everything we have heard and read about Facebook’s plans for f8. Business Insider / Silicon Alley Insider: Facebook is expected to announce new integration points with its site for the music, film, and TV industries. The stakes could not be higher. CNET: As Facebook’s f8 developers conference edges nearer, more snippets are emerging about what might go down at the event, including talk of the unveiling of a “major” redesign of the social network’s iconic profile pages. Mashable: Details about the redesign are sparse, but two sources familiar with Facebook’s plans (who have asked to remain anonymous) have told us that the redesign is “major” and will make Facebook profiles nexuses for consuming content. TechCrunch: We’ve heard from a source that Facebook will introduce new buttons on the wall that will begin introducing some granularity to the “like” concept. We’re told these new buttons are “read,” “listened,” and “watched.” The network will also soon launch new social commerce buttons like “want” following the introductions of the aforementioned buttons.


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