Oh, No! Facebook’s Got More Unannounced Changes (AllFacebook)

Facebook has changed far more of the site than what it formally announced, adding to users’ unhappiness. Inside Facebook: Now, users don’t need to have liked a page to be able to post on a page’s wall or comment on its updates. Facebook also reached out to us today to announce that users will now see a friend activity tab on pages. This shows users the likes and comments on the page’s posts and any mentions of the page by friends, even if a mention is just text and not a tag. Inside Facebook: Users who are part of the initial rollout of the newsfeed redesign announced Tuesday are also receiving several other unannounced changes to Facebook’s interface. These include an expansion of the character limit on posts from 500 to 5,000, a rollout of the floating navigation bar we saw tested last week, the ability to edit bookmarks in the home page’s left navigation bar, and a more convenient way to leave birthday greetings. Over the past few days Facebook has also buried the poke button within a drop-down menu, and removed the ability to accompany a friend request with a message. Mashable: Facebook is driven by a single, unique goal. Its priority isn’t to gain more users (it already has 750 million of those), nor does it feel compelled to find stupid ways to increase page views. Its primary goal right now isn’t to increase revenue, either — that will come later. No, Facebook’s goal is to become the social layer that supports, powers, and connects every single piece of the Web, no matter who or what it is or where it lives.


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