Avant Gallery’s Third Annual ‘Pictures & Furniture’ Exhibition in Miami Celebrates the Fusion of Fine Art and Collectible Design

Cutting-Edge Digital Technology by Planar Brings Artists Work to Life

[Contact Courtney@GothamPR.com Gotham Public Relations, 212.352.2147]

November 30, 2011 – MIAMI, FLORIDA – This year the spotlight at the new Avant Gallery pop-up venue located in Miami Beach at 309 23rd Street, will be on emerging industrial design and furniture artists Chad Jensen, Michael Philip Wolfson and Pryor Callaway.

Planar, a global digital signage firm and official Design Miami media host Surface Magazine have partnered for the November 30, 2011 Avant Gallery Miami Beach exhibits with new ‘Silhouette’ video wall displays of the artists’ exciting artwork. The by-invitation press and AD industry event at Avant Gallery begins at 6:00PM. Bacardi to serve cocktails. [RSVP to GOTHAM PR]

The evening’s opening reception will be celebrated in tandem with a dedicated TwitSalon from 6-7PM, conducted by Adroyt, a 3.0 social media platform that creates opportunities for entities in the design and architecture fields to express themselves intelligently, creatively and authentically throughout social media channels. Adroyt services bring cohesion to social media strategies while enabling companies and individuals to cement their reputations as trendsetters, tastemakers and visionaries to their existing audiences and to those identified as new targets for growth and engagement. The hashtag for press and design experts to join the TwitSalon is @adroytsalon.

Throughout his career Chad Jensen has developed a universally articulate voice with a comprehensive understanding for art, craft, design and manufacturing; embodying mastery level training as a woodworker and fine furniture maker. He received international artistic recognition and gained professional experience abroad in product development. Jensen is also well-versed in materials, lighting, hardware and architectural detailing. For more than a decade Jensen has worked in multiple capacities for top architectural millwork companies serving the national luxury residential market, with his studio based in Miami. In September 2011, Jensen held his first international exhibition at the Shanghai Art Fair, the American Pavilion.

Michael Philip Wolfson’s eponymous firm Wolfson Design is based in London. Wolfson began his career after working with Zaha Hadid in London. His newest designs are inspired by the early experiments of the Russian and Italian Modernist movements. He combines a unique approach to design, as informed by the dynamics of fracture and fragmentation – layering and manipulating his high technology materials into fluid shapes and forms, where shadow and reflection are an integral part of the seduction of the work.

Pryor Callaway is a New York based artist, sculptor, designer and activist. She will exhibit a ceiling-mounted, cascading sculpture made entirely of cocktail straws, accompanied by an exquisitely rendered resin pedestal embellished in glass beads.

LWIN Design will exhibit illuminated wall sculptures for the first time at Avant Gallery.
‘Pictures & Furniture’ will also showcase new contemporary paintings from Alejandro Vigilante, Arno Elias, Alec Monopoly and works by award-winning fashion photographer Guy Le Baube.

Miami-based and Argentinean-born Vigilante always knew painting was his destiny. His father is abstract surrealist painter Juan Vigilante. Founder of i-Art Movement, Vigilante is exploring new territory in order to infuse the fine arts with a heightened lightheartedness, glamour and wit. Vigilante’s trademark forte is empowering his subjects with a digital voice through internet-themed visuals featuring dialogue and messages via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and his latest series, Google searches.

Multi-talented musician, painter and photographer Elias is known for his compositions of the globally renowned Buddha Bar music, launching Elias into legendary new age and world musical status. Elias has painted since childhood — he was inspired by the teachings of his grandmother who studied at the Beaux-Art in Paris, and was a guide for young Arno. His artistic sophistication, sense of color and dramatic expression can be seen in his diverse scope of creation. Elias’s paintings and photographs have been featured in art fairs as Scope Miami, Scope Basel, Art Chicago, San Francisco Art Mrkt and Art Paris.

‘Alec Monopoly’ is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist, originally from New York City. The artist primarily works in the urban environments of New York and Los Angeles, using varied materials (including stencils, spray paint, epoxies, varnishes and newspapers) to subversively depict the protagonist of the internationally-beloved board game, Monopoly. ‘Alec’ cites his artistic origins as learning from his mother, an artist, eventually abandoning traditional academically-driven art classes to pursue an individual methodology. In February of 2011, Paramount Pictures commissioned Alec to design the logo for their new production company, Insurge. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles. In 2011, Alec has participated in solo and group shows in L.A., New York, London, Morocco, Milan, Berlin and Dubai.

The work of Franco-American fashion and art photographer Guy Le Baube is as glamorous, sexy and erotic as it is bold and surprising. His photographs reveal a sensibility that lies between the sexiness of Helmut Newton and the playfulness of Jacques-Henri Lartigue. His vision ranges from the world seen through the mischievous eyes of Frederico Fellini to the expression seen through the eye of his own childhood innocence.


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