QR Codes Are Making Their Way Into the Holiday Season

Consumer, Technology
By Tonya Garcia for PR Newser

Over the past year or so, there’s been a lot of back and forth about QR codes. Are they a fad? Have we already moved on to the next thing? There answer to both is no.

Marketers are still learning about QR codes and see a great deal of value in using them. In fact, the thinking seems to go these days that if we spice up and bedazzle our QR codes, it makes the branding opportunity even better.

With the holidays upon us, two brands have just rolled out QR code programs.

Coca-Cola has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund for a QR code program that will last through March and include the polar bear holiday mascot. Coke cups will feature a QR code that will take drinkers to an app for a game and a place to donate to the WWF organization.

Of course, they could also just post a website, Facebook page, or Twitter handle on the cups and tell people to head over and make a difference. Coke has nearly 37 million Facebook likes and more than 400,000 Twitter followers. As one of the biggest brands in the world, it doesn’t need a QR code to reach consumers.

And JCPenney, also in the holiday spirit if not in the philanthropic one, is offering gift givers the chance to attach voice messages to their presents using QR codes. The video above demonstrates and while it looks kind of clumsy to us, you get the picture — personalization is the name of the game.

Consumer Reports suggests that QR codes will be valuable resources for holiday shopping, which sounds about right to us. Marketers are still figuring out other creative uses for QR codes, but so far, they’ve proved to be good shopping resources


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