Coca-Cola Teams Up With Spotify In Music-Sharing Deal (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Spotify will incorporate its music streaming service with Coca-Cola Co.’s Internet marketing, to help raise awareness and draw users. NYT / Media Decoder When stripped of marketing-speak, the bottom line appears to be that Spotify users can expect to encounter a lot of Coke branding soon, and Coke customers all over the world may soon be encountering Spotify branding — and maybe Spotify itself. TechCrunch Users will be invited to Spotify through live shows, unpacked events, and Coke even mentioned that a hackathon took place this weekend. Meanwhile, Coke will be building content on top of the Spotify platform to deliver to users not only as a marketing effort but as a way to curate the content already available in a more useful and convenient way. SocialTimes Coca-Cola’s 41.3 million Facebook fans will see a Spotify app on its page in time for the 2012 Olympic games, continuing the beverage company’s tradition of incorporating music into its advertising campaigns. FishbowlNY The Huffington Post Media Group has named John Pavley its new chief technology officer. Pavley was most recently vice president of engineering at Spotify, the music streaming startup.


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