Client Feature in Interior Design Magazine / Design Wire Daily: Pryor Callaway’s ‘Futuristic Woman’ Pop-Up Installation at Relative Space [New York]

Pryor Callaway at Relative Space
by Meghan Edwards | Monday, June 25, 2012

Pryor Callaway’s mannequins installed in the future-themed bedroom at Boffo Show House. Photo by Karin Kohlberg

New York-based artist and designer Pryor Callaway might have caught your eye at the recent inaugural Boffo Show House during ICFF in New York. For the future-themed bedroom at the experimental exhibition curated by Andrew Yes, she supplied cast-fiberglass mannequins echoed by figural wall projections and crisscrossed with light strips. Or, you might have seen one of her sinuous Odalisque polyester-resin benches or organ-themed Aorta stools in another exquisite interior. Her most recent exhibition was a brief pop up at the nearby Relative Space, one of the sponsors of the Boffo Show House and a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of floor covering and cladding. For Relative’s “Futuristic Woman,” Callaway again used mannequins, this time embellished with linear glass beads glued on one by one, feathers, and gold vinyl. Surrounding the mannequins were 2,000 black cocktail straws arranged to resemble a vortex. The exhibit debuted last week and was also live-broadcast at Artists Take Times Square.

“Powerful,” “Undefinable,” “Solar,” and “Fierce” installed at Relative Space. Photo by Karin Kohlberg [see link for photos]

According to the artist’s statement the show was, “An installation providing a catalyst to solicit the powerful woman of the future. This mixed media installation comments on the currently evolving woman. Utilizing the mannequin as the device, four unique, bold identities of future women are portrayed: powerful, undefinable, solar, and fierce. Through meticulously executed embellishments of glass beads, feathers, and vinyl, each identity is illuminated and revealed with a provocative intensity, subversively linking the energy of the woman with her mystical, evolving future self. These women are not victims. They do not conform. They are time travelers, breaking barriers. They discomfort some, dazzle others.” Next up from Callaway is a sonic-interactive exhibit with New York’s nonprofit Eyebeam Art + Technology Center tentatively slated for the fall.

“Fierce” installed at Relative Space. Photo by Stephen Smith [see link for photos]


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