Manhattan Architect Jumps to Brooklyn [Agency Client News in Crain’s New York Business]

A fledgling firm will trade in its temporary home downtown  for 2,500 square feet on North Eighth Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The  area’s energy was cited as a draw, as was the fact that one partner lives  nearby.

In an unusual move, a rising architecture firm is putting down its roots in  Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Adjmi & Andreoli, an architecture firm formed earlier this year by Morris  Adjmi, a favorite of downtown’s developers, and Aldo Andreoli will open a  2,500-square-foot office on North 8th Street by October.

The two architects are old friends and joined forces two years ago to enter a  competition to design a 120,000-square-foot fashion, photography and video  studio at 50 Varick St. in downtown Manhattan. They won and subsequently decided  to create a formal partnership. A&A has 10 architects working on more than 1  million square feet of mixed-use commercial and residential projects underway in  Tribeca, the Lower East Side and Red Hook, Brooklyn. The joint firm is currently  housed in the same office as Mr. Adjmi’s own outfit, Morris Adjmi Architects, at  45 E. 20th St.

Mr. Adjmi will continue to run his own firm, which has earned accolades for  creating modern buildings that fit seamlessly into historic neighborhoods. Among  his noteworthy projects are Scholastic’s headquarters at 557 Broadway, the  Theory Building at 408 Greenwich St. and the High Line Building at 450 W. 14th  St. He also designed the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, which has become a favored  hipster hangout.

A native of Turin, Italy, Mr. Andreoli has designed projects all over the  world, and will also retain his own practice. He moved to New York in the early  1990s where he founded the architectural practice, Aldo Andreoli Associates and  SANBA, a design-oriented development company. Among his projects were 56  Thompson St. and 140 Franklin St., both old warehouses that were converted to  condominiums. He left New York after Sept. 11, 2011 and returned about two years  ago.

Mr. Adjmi said he and his partner chose Williamsburg because they both like  its energy, and because they wanted to put some distance between their office  and Mr. Adjmi’s office. Mr. Andreoli had a special reason to back the location  at 70 North 8th St.—he lives in Williamsburg.

Mr. Adjmi said there won’t be any major differences in the types of projects  the two firms pursue. So when asked why he wanted to create a separate firm, he  said, “It’s like music. Sometimes you want to work solo and sometimes you want  to work with others.” He added, “It is just a different dynamic.”

Mr. Andreoli said that they worked together so well on the Varick Street  project that it just seemed logical to continue the relationship. “We are just a  very good fit,” he said. SANBA is also at 45 E. 20th St. and will move to the  new Williamsburg office when construction is complete.

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