A Triple Public Relations Crisis Draws Attention to Navigating Avoidable Blunders

prcrisis.jpgThe Public Relations community was on fire last week, and not necessarily in a positive way. Both industry giants and public figures, Pepsi, United Airlines and White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, committed cardinal PR sins of epic proportion.

The Guardian spotlights these perfectly avoidable blunders. In the world of social media, there is no mistake that goes unnoticed. Everything is documented, posted, shared and studied. For each case, though all quite different, every instance gave way to missteps that were not only absurd, but absolutely avoidable.

Gotham PR  principal, Courtney Lukitsch, illuminates the golden rule of PR; do not say or do anything that you don’t want broadcasted, and if by some reason there is a slip up, take immediate responsibility. Additionally, Lukitsch emphasizes that you must have the emotional intelligence to understand how your audience will feel and react to each unique situation. Something all three entities would have been wise to remember.

Lukitsch continues to warn against the possible troubles that come with “jumping on the band wagon” and the errors that can occur when a company misjudges their audience, or at least their reaction.

In moving forward, it is imperative to remember that communication is 24/7 and attention must be paid to every detail. The best way to course correct for the future, is to prevent issues from ever materializing.

Read the full article, here.


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