Announcing Designer Clients & Global Site Launch at Agency 15th Anniversary

New York, United States, May 11th, 2017

Gotham PR, a leading design Marketing PR boutique firm with locations in New York and London, is pleased to announce its 15th anniversary.

The agency today announces its 2017 client roster and related new website designed by, under the creative direction of Jason Briscoe.

“We carefully crafted a clean, minimal and sharp brand experience that speaks to Gotham PR’s entrenched market, with emphasis on global architecture, interiors, retail, fashion and innovation,” The Workshop designer stated.

New agency clients that include the esteemed firm John Portman & Associates in Atlanta and Ortal in Los Angeles.

Along with top tier global architects, designers, art entities and cultural institutions, New York, Philadelphia and LA-based brands that newly selected Gotham PR as their agency of record also include Redbird NYC, Gramercy Design, Greenery NYC; Black & Poole Studio and Stefani Stein Design, respectively.

Emerging lifestyle brands in London, Toronto and Sydney know that Gotham PR is the go-to for sophisticated industry leaders, with an eye to first in class design status.

Viewed as a valued collaborative partner to many successful A&D brands and firms, Gotham PR is a resource that smartly drives strategic business and creative cultural endeavors to full effect for clients.

The agency has launched and repositioned top-tier firms, brands, institutions and individuals through its concentrated media relations, marketing and business development initiatives; over its progressive 15 year tenure.

Read the full press release, here.



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