Gotham PR Celebrates Archtober 2018, Announces Multiple New Client Creative Campaigns

Gotham PR, a global boutique firm with expertise in art, design, architecture, development and technology, is pleased to celebrate Archtober 2018 in New York and London.

With high profile clients Lemay+Escobar, the agency is pleased to announce the practice’s new Fifth Avenue New York offices, mixed use and hospitality projects, and branded website launched at

Gotham PR’s star architectural interiors duo Gramercy Design is pleased to announce publication of its sophisticated residential projects in Manhattan and The Hamptons nationally, after only 5 years in business.

The agency’s client Francis Interiors is undergoing a rebrand and sharing its custom contracting and design services heading into the holiday season, by showcasing all new work at family and single homes in Central Park West, Harlem and the West Village.

Gotham PR continued its work throughout the first three quarters of 2018 with leading architectural design, multiline materials, and collectible furnishings showrooms AFNY / Project 6, Michael Dawkins Home, Relative Space and Valerie Goodman Gallery.

The coming business year, Gotham PR will be pleased to share news of five new, large scale art, design and architecture client campaigns based in London, Los Angeles, Atlanta & NYC.

The agency continues its work with leading global A&D firms John Portman & Associates, Lemay, Veech x Veech Architecture — and the cutting edge experiential experts at Hey Hush.



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