Valerie Goodman Gallery to Unveil New Space Wednesday, March 29th on Upper East Side


Please join Gotham PR client, Valerie Goodman Gallery in celebrating a new design showroom Wednesday, March 29th 2017 from 6-8 pm at her Upper East Gallery Space, 315 East 91st Street – fourth floor.

Featuring stunning works by Jacques Jarrige, Eric Schmitt, Tinatin Kilaberidze, Adrien de Melo, Anasthasia Millot, Kimille Taylor, and Cristina Salusti, the gallery has continued to serve the primary purpose of introducing European artists and designers to New York.

Since opening in 2010, the space has continued to showcase the refined and individualistic pieces of these artists.

See full details regarding the new space, here.

Ortal Showcases San Francisco CCS Architecture Newest Residential Design


Ortal, premier designer of contemporary fireplaces and Gotham PR client, is pleased to showcase its newly completed design project in tandem with CCS Architecture.

Unveiling a recently completed luxury residential project with CCS Architecture, Ortal’s fireplace design illustrates a clean aesthetic perfectly complimented by the space itself.

As a leader in custom fireplaces, Ortal has embraced this residential design and curated a minimalistic approach to a dramatic space.

The architectural fireplace design integrates seamlessly with the overall look and feel of the San Francisco home, specifically fusing the space with a dramatic view of the outside hilltop vista.

By allowing the fireplace design to serve as a focal point for the home, Ortal achieves the subtle elegance for which they have come to be known.

Valerie Goodman Gallery Celebrates Expansion in Upper East Side Gallery

VGMarch29Invitejpg (1)Esteemed Gotham PR client, Valerie Goodman Gallery, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its new exhibition space. Goodman’s gallery  has quadrupled in size and thus transformed into a new designer emporium. Located on the Upper East Side, the beautiful expansion highlights novel work from resident artists.

The exhibition, whose custom build out was designed by Jacques Jarrige, features pieces highlighting diversity and elegance. All while staying true to Goodman’s goal of introducing emerging French artists to American audiences.

Opening March 29th, 2017, the space showcases works by Jacques Jarrige, Eric Schmitt, Tinatin Kilaberidze, Anasthasia Millot, Cristina Salusti, Kimille Taylor and Adrien de Melo. Valerie Goodman Gallery, in tandem with Gotham PR, is thrilled to share this opening.

See full details regarding the new space, here.

Barlas Baylar Debuts Outdoor Furniture Line for Restoration Hardware

bb_RHBarlas Baylar, the mastermind and creative genius behind Hudson Furniture, unveils his novel outdoor furniture line for RH.

Longstanding client of Gotham PR, New York based Baylar is best known for opulent lighting designs, immaculate furniture and pieces inspired by nature. A designer favorite, he has taken his passion and intrigue of the physical world and translated it into a majestic new line.

Baylar’s new Aviara Collection, a line of outdoor pieces available exclusively at RH, were inevitably designed with nature as the primary source of inspiration. Sparked by his travels to Mykonos, the pieces embody the serenity found around us. Read the full article via Architectural Digest.

Ortal Leads Industry Through Innovation and Elegance


Ortal, fireplace connoisseur and Gotham PR client, is spearheading a transition in the industry. From modern to traditional, Ortal is producing unmatched designs ranging from modern to traditional.

The Los Angeles based company, aspires to create an elegant feel that fuses practicality with design. This core component, displayed in every project, has become synonymous with their work.

With over 80 different designs, Ortal’s innovations, such as their “Cool Wall” technology, have revolutionized the industry.

Read the full article, featured on Architects & Artisans, here.

Relative Space Participates in 2017 Architectural Digest Design Show

Ad-showRelative Space, industry leader in the premium flooring business and Gotham PR client, is thrilled to participate in this years Architectural Digest Design Show. Held March 16 -19 at Piers 92 & 94 in New York City, the four day event showcases over 400 brands.

The 16th annual event celebrates both incredible design and innovation and features a vast range of brands, both established and emerging. From furniture and lighting to flooring and art, the show highlights the best design from across the board.

See a full list of exhibitors, here as well as purchase tickets to the event.

Ortal Announces New Contest With Winner Featured in Dwell Magazine


The exquisite Ortal, renowned fireplace specialists and Gotham PR client, announces exciting “How Do You Ortal” contest.

As a maverick in the art of contemporary fireplace design, the search is on for the most creative and inspired way that an architect or designer has incorporated an Ortal fireplace into breathtaking interior design. The competition will highlight industry experts with meticulous attention to detail and aesthetically beautiful results.

The winner, voted on by the public, will not only receive a generous credit towards an Ortal purchase, but a beautiful printed ad in Dwell Magazine with credit to the designer.

For full contest rules and deadlines, see here.

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