PR Pros as Compelling Content Providers in 2017


As we dive into 2017 at Gotham PR, it becomes apparent that we as an industry are becoming more selective of the content we share. Whether tweeting, posting or blasting, the need for meaningful information and compelling content is greater than ever before.

We are in the midst of transformation within the PR industry globally, where leading practitioners are not just a brand’s primary storyteller and distiller of data—but essential business drivers through compelling content creation and distribution.

By planning ahead and harnessing new technologies, strategies, networks, multidisciplinary practices and quantifiable reporting formats—PR will effectively lead the global business change in 2017.

View the complete article, published in Bulldog Reporter, here.


The New Gotham PR – 2017 Branding

gothamprcardRevamped and better than ever, Gotham PR, in tandem with The Workshop, is thrilled to unveil the agency’s cutting edge branding for 2017. Designed by a company who’s M.O. is thinking outside the box and challenging the norm, it is no surprise that together the two make quite the pair.

Looking forward to the new year, the genius rebranding aligns with GPR’s new clients wins, propelling the agency well into 2017.

As Gotham PR rounds out a whirlwind year, don’t miss a minute of the action highlighted via GPR PinterestGotham PR Tumblr as well as new instagram account, @gotham_pr.

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