A+I Designs New Squarespace Headquarters with Productivity at the Forefront

sqA+I, Gotham PR client and mastermind behind Squarespace’s new Manhattan headquarters, have dared to create a space that will foster both innovation and collaboration.

By designing an office that encourages open communication as well as productivity, the sophisticated space revolutionizes the way day-to-day work is done. By bringing to light the importance of the environment you spend your work day in, the headquarters may be paving the way for what’s to come.

Read the full article at Entrepreneur, here.


169,395 #AskObama Tweets Sent (TVNewser)

MSNBC and CNN carried live the White House’s first Twitter Town Hall Wednesday afternoon, in which questions were tweeted to President Barack Obama. AllTwitter: The total number of tweets using #AskObama was 169,395, and the four most popular topics were: jobs (18,957), budget (15,000), taxes (14,777), and education (8,833). AllThingsD: The stylin’ Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder and executive chairman, acted as the voice of the people, channeling their #AskObama questions to the president and offering stats and visualizations of where they were coming from and how they reflected the topics Twitter users were most interested in asking about. NationalJournal: But there was a problem with the Twitter aspect of the town hall — it went in one direction, which goes against the point of Twitter. Not only did the president not type in his answers, they were much longer than the 140 characters Twitterers use to communicate. TechCrunch: I recall a time a few years ago when Twitter was scoffed at. It was the blogosphere’s punching bag. It was the stupid little service that no one in their right mind would ever use. It was for people who wanted to share the mundane bits of their lives that no one else wanted to read. It was for egomaniacs, or losers. It would never catch on. And then it did. GigaOM: Was it a dramatic step toward transparency and openness by the U.S. government? Hardly. But this digital and interactive version was probably a little better than a traditional TV town hall. New York/ Daily Intel: Unfortunately, despite all that, the Twitter town hall Wednesday afternoon was just as boring, barely watchable, and lacking in new insight as most traditional town halls. It wasn’t Twitter’s fault, really. The problem was that the format, as innovative as it was, still allowed Obama to remain Obama. Daily Beast: Brand-new format, same old answers: Reams of hype, most of it delivered in 140-character chunks, couldn’t make Obama’s Twitter town hall Wednesday as exciting as promised.

Twitter Seeks $7 Billion Valuation (WSJ)

Even as Internet companies such as Zynga and Groupon file to go public, Twitter is taking a different route: It is continuing to tap private investors. Mashable: Twitter is testing a Facebook-like message wall on profile pages, prompting users to send public tweets (a.k.a @ replies, or mentions) to specific users directly from their profile pages. LA Times: The feature lets people reply quickly and easily to other users through a text field that appears on the other user’s Twitter page.

Mark Zuckerberg Is The Most Followed User On Google+ (TechCrunch)

In what has to be somewhat embarrassing for Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed user on Google+, according to the Google+ Statistics counter. CNET / Technically Incorrect: The real Zuckerberg has, as I write, almost 30,000 followers. Google CEO Page hasn’t yet managed 20,000. TechCrunch: Zuckerberg joining Google+ was a major media event, with everyone from Forbesto The Daily Mailcovering the fact that the founder established a Google+ profile, building Circles that include former Facebooker Dustin Moskovitz and current Facebook chief technology officer Bret Taylor.

Biz Stone Is Leaving Twitter (AllTwitter)

Yet another Twitter co-founder is leaving the company. In a blog post penned Tuesday, Biz Stone has said that he will be leaving Twitter to work on other projects. Business Insider / Silicon Alley Insider: Before Twitter was an independent company, it was a side project at a startup called Odeo. Then Odeo cratered, and Odeo CEO Ev Williams created a new company, an incubator, Obvious. Twitter was the first project at Obvious. Eventually, Twitter outgrew Obvious and became its own company. CNET / Circuit Breaker: The Obvious Corp. will be run by Stone, Williams, and former Twitter product chief Jason Goldman. The trio will “develop new projects and work on solving big problems aligned along a simple mission statement: The Obvious Corp. develops systems that help people work together to improve the world.”

Twitter Announces Twitter For Newsrooms, A Best-Practices Guide For Journalists (10,000 Words)

Monday in an email from Twitter’s PR team, the company introduced Twitter for Newsrooms (#TfN), a compelling resource akin to Facebook for Journalists that will help optimize the platform’s reporting potential. AllTwitter: #TfN provides “a collection of Twitter resources for reporters, editors, producers, and on-air correspondents.” Anyone in the media industry should find this a useful tool, as it illuminates how to use Twitter to find news stories, conduct detailed searches, and verify facts properly. GigaOM: Twitter seems determined to stake its claim as a journalist’s best friend, and to simultaneously compete with both Facebook and some of the other media-related tools and services that are already out there. Nieman Journalism Lab: Covering subject areas like reporting, engagement, and publishing, the site seems like a combination of “how to” (use search, find sources, customize your profile) and a directory of services (Twitter-related tools, an Extra page, with handy links for support). It’s also not without a few celebrity (OK, news celebrity) appearances, with ABC’s Jake Tapper, NPR’s Andy Carvin, and Katie Couric (of CBS most recently) serving as examples of effective tweeting. TechCrunch: But is Twitter essentially preaching to the choir on this one? I mean, it’s pretty likely that you’re well-versed in Twitter if you’re on Twitter and reading something called Twitter for Newsrooms.

Republican Presidential Candidates To Participate In Twitter Debate(Mashable)

A Republican U.S. presidential debate is set to hit the Twitterverse July 20. SocialTimes: We cannot argue that social media is not influencing our politics based on the recent activities in the media. We’ve seen a Twitter scandal, the GOP debate impact on Twitter, and who ended up being the best, as indicated by Facebook. AllTwitter: During the Twitter debate, observers can listen in using Twitter.com or a Twitter dashboard, or they can access 140townhall.com for a debate-specific experience.

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