Gotham PR: How to Fix the Misrepresentation of PR Pros Within the Global Media – PRNewser

Living in an age dominated by the media, we often shape our perceptions of the world based on what popular TV series show us on screen. The media today has a stereotyped portrayal of PR pros. As a long-standing agency in this industry, check out what insight Gotham PR has about this issue here on PRNewser. pr-862x575


Scope Miami Beach: Part II


At Gotham PR we are still day dreaming about the Miami sunshine. Scope Miami Beach, a crowd favorite as well as personal highlight was a must see for many attendees this year. Perhaps attributed to the excellent choice of venue, Scope was located directly adjacent to the white sands of Miami Beach. The glass facade allowed one to look out uninterrupted over the crystal waters creating a blissful feeling of art by the sea. Or rather the endless exhibits that tested the limits in contemporary art it is clear that Scope has set the bar unimaginably high for next year.

Fitzgerald Fine Arts and Gotham PR client, debuted this year at Scope Miami Beach making quite a splash. Alongside immaculate art from all over the world including London, California and Rio De Janeiro Fitzgerald held its own. Sparking interest for its feature of illustrious Chinese artists, the exhibit garnered attention and generated major buzz.

Check out the entire line up of unique exhibitors at Scope Miami Beach 2015 here.

A Week Full of Design: Art Basel, Design Miami and Scope

IMG_2377 (1).JPG

Once again, it has come and gone. Perhaps the most anticipated week in the art world wrapped this weekend on December 6th in Miami.

Gotham PR was fortunate enough to attend all of the stunning shows taking in everything from graffiti in the trendy Wynwood neighborhood to sculptures on South Beach. An incredible array of art from around the world, there was something for everyone in Miami. Bigger and better than ever before, where the only thing hotter than the temperature was the art itself.

Check out Gotham PR’s instagram account for more photos from our time in Miami.

IMG_2376 (1)

Interior Design – Fall Market Tabloid – Featuring Christopher Boots

IMG_2173 (2)

Australian lighting guru and Gotham PR client, Christopher Boots, proves that when it comes to lighting, expect the unexpected.

According to Interior Design, fixtures that transform shape and test the boundaries of traditional lighting, which is what Boots does best, are all the rage. Featuring Boots’ Prometheus III, an edgy display of quartz crystals set into a silicone band, ID highlights the beauty in the unconventional.

Pick up Interior Design’s Fall Market Tabloid to see Boots stunning fixture in print.

Elite Traveler: Brett Johnson Collection – Holiday Gift Guide 2015

IMG_2117With the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season impending, fresh faced designer Brett Johnson, and Gotham PR client, has landed himself amongst the ranks of fashion royalty.

Featured in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide published by Elite Traveler, and dubbed as ‘One To Watch’ the Brett Johnson Collection continues to impress as one of this seasons hottest outwear brands.

You can view the full editorial feature via Elite Traveler here.

Orior New York – New York Spaces

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

It’s all in the incredibly talented family for Orior New York, a Gotham PR client and a powerhouse of talent as they debut their ‘New’ collection — an offering of contemporary furnishings made even more trendy via its hip and newly opened 5,000 square-foot Williamsburg studio.

The collection of fresh and swanky multi-dimensional pieces are a nod to the modern era inspired by New York City itself. Take the gorgeous yellow sofa pictured above, no doubt a subtle reference to the classic yellow taxi cab that has become synonymous with the city that never sleeps.

Capturing this unique vibe in every piece is something Orior has built their reputation upon and with 40 years of tradition and experience under their belt, the future looks bright for the budding company. Be sure to check out the Fall 2015 issue of New York Spaces for the full story as well as details on the pieces seen above.

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