Gotham PR Partners With PRSSA for a Live Twitter Event

Gotham PR is pleased to partner with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) for a live Twitter event with agency principal, Courtney Luktisch, as a co-host.

Taking place on August 16th at 9PM, you will be able to live tweet questions and comments as the hosts cover an array of topics highlighting the in’s and out’s of public relations.

Follow along on the 16th with @PRSSANational and @Gothamist1


How Many People Use LinkedIn & Pinterest Per Minute? (Social Times)

That crackling you hear is the sound of thousands of keyboards firing at once as social media users from around the world incessantly ramble, connect and share. This is today’s web world, and it’s happening minute by minute. That’s why Social Jumpstart put together a great infographic showing just how much happens per minute on the social web.

Here are a few tidbits:
•1090 Pinterest Visitors
•7610 LinkedIn Searches
•7630 Stumbles
•2 million Youtube video views — wow

Twitter Announces 100 Million Active Users (AllTwitter)

Breaking its longtime silence on sharing numbers, Twitter announced a huge milestone Thursday: It has 100 million active users sending tweets, retweeting, following, unfollowing, and reading content on its network. Twitter Blog: Five years ago, Twitter came to life when @jack sent the first tweet to his seven followers. Now, 100 million active users around the globe turn to Twitter to share their thoughts and find out what’s happening in the world right now.

Zuckerberg Tops Vanity Fair’s ‘New Establishment’ List Again (And Look Who’s No. 40)(AllThingsD)

Vanity Fairmagazine put out its high-profile “New Establishment” list of the top 50 people, who are “an innovative new breed of buccaneering visionaries, engineering prodigies, and entrepreneurs, who quite often sport hoodies, floppy hair, and backpacks.” The hoodie part would be referring to Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who topped the list — which is in the just-released October issue — for the second year in a row. NY Post: Dominating the top 10 are a number of tech upstarts: Square’s Jack Dorsey, who had a hand in creating Twitter; Zynga’s Mark Pincus; and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.

Five Years Later, Twitter Rolls Out Image Galleries (TechCrunch)

Over the past few months, Twitter has been rolling out some key new enhancements to its user experience, adding improved search functionality and the ability to upload images right from a user’s Twitter stream. Monday, Twitter kept the photo updates rolling by adding image galleries to the everyday Twitter user experience. Mashable: Should you post photos to Twitter via its new photo-uploading tool, or through a third-party photo-sharing service such as yFrog, TwitPic, or Instagram, your photos will soon be featured on your Twitter profile in an image gallery. GigaOM: It’s the latest in a series of recent feature launches apparently aimed at increasing Twitter’s “stickiness” factor, the all-important quality that keeps users clicking around within an application and makes them visit more often.

Twitter Removes Mentions, Retweets Folders From, Adds New Username And Activity Tabs (AllTwitter)

Wednesday Twitter started to roll out a couple of (very) big changes to that have meant a significant revamp of the user interface, including the loss of both the @Mentions and Retweets folders, and the introduction of a new, slicker, and more fluid way to help you keep up with exactly what’s happening. TechCrunch: The @USERNAME (obviously, USERNAME will be replaced by your Twitter name) stream will still show your @replies, but it will also show things like when someone follows you, when someone favorites one of your tweets, when someone retweets one of your tweets, or when someone adds you to a list. The Activity stream will show you all of those things, but related to all of the people you follow on Twitter. In other words, you can see if a connection has retweeted a tweet, or if they followed someone new, etc. GigaOM: The new features appear to be aimed at giving users more insight into how their behavior is affecting their social graph on the service, and potentially boost Twitter’s “stickiness” factor by encouraging people to spend more time exploring the site. ReadWriteWeb: What does this mean? It means that many different streams of the most interesting data published by Twitter, always in public but never all in one place and never right in the center of attention, have been illuminated and put front and center. Mashable: The new tabs have already appeared for some users and will continue to be gradually rolled out to all Twitter users. Gawker: Tired of clicking endlessly on Twitter to find out who is loving you, who is quoting you, who is stalking you, and who is talking about you? Good news: The microblogging service just made narcissism way less time-consuming. TechCrunch: Twitter will begin testing its link-wrapping feature, which will automatically shorten all URLs 20 characters long or greater into links. This test will affect a certain percentage of tweets posted publicly through the service, or sent out via direct message.

For the Plugged-In, Too Many Choices (

Fashion & Style


WHEN Jessica H. Lawrence left her job with the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council in Redlands, Calif., to pursue a new life in New York City, she arrived in late January without a job, an apartment or someone to keep her warm through the winter nights.


Taking Stock and Decluttering (August 11, 2011)

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Istvan Banyai

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Matt Nager for The New York Times

Josh Kaufman has curtailed his morning social media routine.

Readers’ Comments

But in less than six months, she found all three — and all because of Twitter.

The job came after a friend’s tweet inspired her to attend NY Tech Meetup, where she applied for a job and became the managing director.

She found her apartment after sending a Twitter message to the founder of the Midnight Brunch supper club. That scored her an invitation and — after meeting the owners of the brownstone where the meal was held — the cellar apartment, too.

As for the boyfriend, a founder of the Noble Rot wine club, she discovered him when she began following the Rot’s Twitter feed. Next week, they’re moving into an apartment in Williamsburg.

“So you can see why I have this undying love for Twitter,” said Ms. Lawrence, 32. Yet her devotion to one social network is not an act of sentimentality — it’s part of a careful strategy for combating social media burnout. In a time when anyone with Internet access is expected to be engaged on multiple networking sites and keep a day job, Ms. Lawrence decided to focus on a singular site rather than to spread herself thin among a half-dozen.

The relentless pressure to partake of the newest networks was underscored in June with the debut of Google+, Google’s social networking site. According to Nielsen, social networking is now the most popular online activity, ahead of sending e-mails, searching the Internet and playing games.

Put another way: one in every four-and-a-half minutes spent on the Web is spent on a social networking site or blog. And last year the average visitor spent 66 percent more time on such sites than in 2009, when early adopters were already feeling digitally fatigued.

“I’m on tech overload,” said Ms. Lawrence, who has Facebook and LinkedIn accounts yet barely uses them anymore. “I already feel like I’m experiencing slow death by e-mail.” While she loves technology and has been experimenting with Google+ since it was introduced, “I’m having a really hard time justifying adding yet another social tool to my tool `kit,” she said.

But any attempt by weary networkers to scale back is complicated by the proliferation of Web sites like Klout and PeerIndex that are busily computing users’ influence scores to rank them in an online hierarchy. (On Klout, each user is assigned a score from 1 to 100. If you’re in the high teens, you’re average; if you’re in the 40s you have a healthy following; if you score 100, you’re Justin Bieber).

Depending on the person you ask, this is either awesome or terrifying. In the future, brands and even potential employers could conceivably make decisions about you based on your score. (Some brands, like Virgin America and the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, have experimented with Klout.)

The most active and organized users of social networks have daily routines for grooming their digital identities. Generally, these routines rely on automation and syndication. For instance, Web sites like, OnlyWire and Hellotxt enable users to post the same content across multiple networking sites with a click or two of a mouse. Other sites, like Buffer, SocialOomph and TwitResponse, allow users to write postings months in advance and schedule them for publication at a later date.

“Automation, both in terms of when content goes out and the syndication, that’s what keeps me from going insane,” said Josh Kaufman, the author of “The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business.” “Otherwise it would just be too much to manage.”

Mr. Kaufman’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are tied to his Twitter page, so when he posts an update on Twitter, it appears on all three accounts. “And when I can figure out how to make it syndicate to Google+, I’ll do that, too,” he said, though he initially resisted Google+. “Do I really need another thing to keep track of?” he said he had wondered.

Happy Fifth Birthday Twitter, Congrats On Your 600K New Users Who Signed Up…Yesterday (AllTwitter)

Although Twitter’s technical “birth” was five years ago in March, Twitter opened its doors to the public exactly five years ago Friday. And to commemorate their baby coming into the world, the folks at Twitter are tweeting some pretty cool milestones. AllTwitter: As we noted in our piece, a lot has changed in those five years. And this new infographic from shows us just how much. NYT: The relationship between Twitter and the outside developers that build its apps is a little like the one between sharks and the small fish that latch onto their backs — beneficial for both, until it isn’t.

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