Gotham PR New York has a reputation for empowering its ambitious staffers. Our team members go on to do remarkable things, in the city and around the world, within the field of Public Relations and throughout the global marketplace. Since the Agency opened for business in 2002, it has internally cultivated competitive talent within the Marketing PR industry to best serve clients. Once a Gothamite, always a Gothamite, merging creative endeavor into commerce. Heading into our 12th year, our alum have reached even greater heights with each career move.

Adi Noe, Precious Pig Public Relations, Hospitality Director

Aerin Suh, General Manager, OutEast Hospitality, The Hamptons

Alexander Frank, Style Editor at The Fader

Audrey Buchanan, Summit Series, Digital Marketing Director

Bronwyn Keenan, Guggenheim Museum Special Events Director

Chris Northrup, CNPR Principal

Danielle Plafsky, Marketing and Publicity Associate, HarperCollins

Dennis Stansbury, Fashion and Retail Merchandising Director, United Kingdom

Dominic Albanese, Metropolis Modern Design Marketing and Sales Director

G. Desta, Model Casting & Special Events Production NYC

Gabrielle Rosemond, Brand Manager, DWELL MEDIA, Dallas

Gayana Sarksisova, Complex Media writer and reporter

Jade Dressler, Jade Dressler Brand Relations, NYC

James Pearson, Director of Marketing and Communication

Jeff Gorlechen, Sixpoint Ales Director of Marketing

Jenna Byszek, Marketing Manager at HighPint Solution, Philadelphia

Jennifer Myers, RFBINDER / RUDER FINN PR, Account Supervisor, McGraw Hill

Katie McGregor, Vice Media, Social Media Manager, London

Kathleen Byrne, J. Walter Thompson (JWT), Pharmeceutical Digital Division, Account Supervisor

Kirby Allison, Jones & Co PR, Account Coordinator

Isabel Leone, Procter & Gamble media coordinator, NYC

Lesley Snyder, CCS Fundraising, Corporate Communications Director

Lindsay Cosner, Columbia University Graduate School of Communications

Marta Hilz, New Media Specialist, Germany

Megan Fraboni, Caribou Coffee Corporation, Media and Marketing Manager

Miriam Driot, Sotheby’s International, Parsons & Fashion Group International Marketing, NYC/Global

Paige Thelen, Lift Media, Marketing Manager, Los Angeles

Raquel Vincent, KIPP Nonprofit Educational Services, Development Office, Texas

Ravenna Fahey, Actress and Sati Expert, Hollywood

Rebecca Scheinert, Law School, Boston College

Sandrine Charles, Social Media Reporter at

Sarah Lippman, George Washington University Law School Graduate

Sarah Steckler, Chanel – Media, Advertising and Marketing Department NYC

Sean Muir, VP of Business Development start-up incubator, BOSTON

Silvia Lloses, Fashion Designer at ThreeAsFour & Souled Objects, Barcelona

Sophie Shah, Marketing Associate at La Perla New York

Taylor Robinson, William Morris Agency, Los Angeles

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