Elite Traveler: Brett Johnson Collection – Holiday Gift Guide 2015

IMG_2117With the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season impending, fresh faced designer Brett Johnson, and Gotham PR client, has landed himself amongst the ranks of fashion royalty.

Featured in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide published by Elite Traveler, and dubbed as ‘One To Watch’ the Brett Johnson Collection continues to impress as one of this seasons hottest outwear brands.

You can view the full editorial feature via Elite Traveler here.

Orior New York – New York Spaces

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It’s all in the incredibly talented family for Orior New York, a Gotham PR client and a powerhouse of talent as they debut their ‘New’ collection — an offering of contemporary furnishings made even more trendy via its hip and newly opened 5,000 square-foot Williamsburg studio.

The collection of fresh and swanky multi-dimensional pieces are a nod to the modern era inspired by New York City itself. Take the gorgeous yellow sofa pictured above, no doubt a subtle reference to the classic yellow taxi cab that has become synonymous with the city that never sleeps.

Capturing this unique vibe in every piece is something Orior has built their reputation upon and with 40 years of tradition and experience under their belt, the future looks bright for the budding company. Be sure to check out the Fall 2015 issue of New York Spaces for the full story as well as details on the pieces seen above.

FORBES – The Light Fantastic: Hudson Furniture’s Barlas Baylar


Barlas Baylar, the powerhouse behind Hudson Furniture and Gotham PR client, speaks about growing his empire, celebrity clientele and embarking on new partnerships in the upcoming year. Read the full article via Forbes, here.

GOTHAM PR: How PR Pros Can Prosperously Navigate Client Relationships – PR DAILY


Heading into 2016, take a moment to reflect and evaluate your agency’s relationships.

Winning in PR means anticipating your client’s needs many steps in advance. A creative, strategic campaign to heighten awareness as well as spur sales has become part of the digital economy.

Winning traits include networking and aligning interests, award-winning storytelling abilities and marketing prowess. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “The Power Broker” have been bestsellers for decades by teaching the importance of focusing on the client.

Client pitches that win

The consummate PR pitch is elusive. It depends on the client’s perception of the pitcher as much as on what is conveyed by the pitch. It hangs on the listener’s decision whether to proceed within the first 20 minutes of any meeting with a PR pro. A unique chemistry is exchanged when an agency wins new business.

Mustr agency’s Raf Weverbergh thinks it imperative to kick off the initial pitch meeting on the right foot, noting, “You should engage the catcher as soon as possible in the development of the idea. Once the catcher feels like a creative collaborator, the odds of acceptance are secured.” The PR pitch becomes less routine, and more like the successful understanding of human perception on the other side of the table.

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Paul Holmes in “How to Design the Agency of the Future” believes several criteria factor in to how to win new business. The best agencies are those that adapt rather than stay tied to antiquated definitions of what an agency delivers. This may mean a unique blend of marketing, social media and advertising practices. Digital PR demands multidisciplinary expertise.

Forbes asserts that the client expects core traits from its PR group. When hiring an agency, states American Express Open Forum, knowing the difference between media relations and PR, sharing your goals with the PR pros, having realistic expectations, spending time with your potential agency, embracing social media and accepting that being “uncomfortable” is okay are all important.

Strengthening working relationships

What the agency considers when taking on a new client has as much to do with defining an emerging category, building a new brand and business model, as well as reputation management.

The agency wants a client equal in distinction to itself to justify investing the agency’s time, resources and team equity. Respect should exist on both sides. This new contract is a partnership, not just “business.”

Communication is key. The agency is not an outsourced vendor, but a results-driven business partner.

A popular use of PR: winning industry awards while building the client’s reputation. Winning accolades is perfect for attracting attention to a client’s brand.

Cision recommends PR agencies nominate themselves. It generates awareness and new business.

In any agency-client relationship, respect, communication and the accomplishing of goals may eventually begin to falter. This often occurs very early, between months one and three, or sometimes in less than 30 days. Interestingly, not much is written on this topic.

Breaking things off the right way

If a client ignores advice and creates drama while insisting on unrealistic demands, it may be a sign that the PR agency should quickly cut the cord. Everything-PR highlights the importance of recognizing toxic client behavior early. The agency must free itself from further anxieties before those worries affect other clients—or press and industry partners.

It is crucial to make the break professional, succinct and seamless. Simple steps can ease the pain.

Inc suggests that knowing how and when to walk away from a client is an unavoidable part of PR. When client expectations can no longer be managed or met, it may be time to part ways.

Forbes advises that a lack of integrity is a red flag in the agency-client partnership. Because trust is the foundation of rapport, when a PR agency feels trust has been compromised or violated, it should cut ties.

PRDaily supplies the most obvious indication that it is time for an agency to release a client. When PR pros no longer believe in the products or services of the client, they can’t serve their needs. When creative power is gone the ability to get results disappears. The solution is to break it off.

The reverse happens too. Clients initiate the break up, citing dissatisfaction or insisting on unrealistic tactics.

LinkedIn asserts that silence and time-wasting micro-management may indicate a client wants to separate.

The PR firm must always anticipate change and remember the need to keep the dialogue open and healthy. Here’s to a great new year of PR in 2016 to everyone in the industry.

Courtney Lukitsch is the founder and principal of Gotham Public Relations, a 14-year-old boutique agency in New York City.

See the full article via PR Daily here.



Do philanthropy and PR seem a bit counterintuitive? In today’s media savvy nonprofit environment, a multitude of foundations are proving that the two seamlessly go hand in hand.

Many innovators within the PR Industry have the foresight to align for advocacy, as made evident by events such as the ‘Leading Women in Media’ luncheon held in the spring of 2015 in New York City. The business roundtable was hosted by the New York based David Lynch Foundation, with the participation of eight highly esteemed women within the media industry who have discovered the benefits of meditation in their own lives, and were eager to share the techniques with 500 professionals.

This particular symposium of New York’s leading women in media was held to benefit the nonprofit David Lynch Foundation, or DLF, established in 2005. Since its inception by the famous film director, DLF has become a beacon of hope for adults and children alike through its revolutionary practice, Transcendental Meditation.

All proceeds from this particular event were donated to the funding of teaching meditation techniques to women in New York City who have fallen victim to violence or abuse. Notable participants included Robin Roberts, host of ABC’s Good Morning America as well as Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group; highlighted at DLF. The luncheon panel offered validation that when influential members within the industry unite for such a cause, the collaboration manifests to spread awareness for the practice.

Cultivated as an outlet for thought and consciousness-based stress relief, the institution endeavors to promote education and peace in countries all over the world. Providing a means for individuals to harness internal power and to truly transform one’s life from within, is the mission the DLF steadfastly pursues via its dedicated director Bob Roth.

For example, an internship program sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation as part of its annual fundraising initiative was financially supported by individuals such as Courtney Lukitsch, the founder of Gotham PR. Coming full circle, the PR practitioner inherently values the role that PR plays within the philanthropic community.

As an illustration of the impact this kind of opportunity can have on individuals, DLF intern [sponsored by Gotham PR], Alexandra Silverman spoke about the monumental impact the foundation has had on her life. Offered the paid position at the New York based David Lynch Foundation, she jumped at the chance to work with their multifaceted mission and audiences. As a result, she plans to seek a permanent position with the organization upon graduation from Bucknell University in 2016.

“After going through some personal struggles last year, I decided to learn TM through the Transcendental Meditation Center of Long Island. Since I was also looking for a summer internship opportunity at that same time, I asked the Transcendental Meditation Center if they hired interns.”                                                         -Alexandra Silverman, intern, David Lynch Foundation

In this thought piece published by media industry giant Cision, giving back has been dubbed the “gateway” to countless effective PR campaigns. How is this activity measurable? The article underlines the four critical ways in which PR can support communities, from providing time to contributing expertise. When all elements flow in a cohesive manner, companies are spreading the word and generating buzz without even being consciously aware.

PR dynamos in New York actively also support vital organizations that include The Bowery Mission, devoted to providing help to the homeless and impoverished, as well as the American Cancer Society.

As philanthropy continues to play an expanding role within the PR Industry, it is advantageous for companies to position themselves as active members within their respective community. This idea of being a good neighbor is also explored at The Examiner.

In continuation of the “good neighbor” mantra, The O’Hara Project, a marketing and PR firm specializing in integrated communication and media is granting a year of pro bono PR for a national nonprofit organization in 2016. The firm is encapsulating what it means to truly be engaged within the community.

By remaining involved and “present” in the community, business and brand entities also remain current in member’s minds. Furthermore, donating one’s time is indisputably one of the most beneficial things any individual or company can do.

In this Harvard Business Review, corporate philanthropy is posed as giving a “competitive advantage” to the companies who embrace it. Using the formerly mentioned charities, companies may choose to incorporate civic duty and shareholder responsibility. Binding these two philosophies irrefutably maximizes company potential both financially and socially as well as philanthropically.

Aside from the PR community, numerous celebrities have joined together in supporting the DLF campaign to help distressed communities and individuals alike. November 4th in New York City, the likes of Katy Perry, Sting and Jerry Seinfeld will perform at the “Change Begins Within” concert at Carnegie Hall, a night exclusively dedicated to benefit the David Lynch Foundation.

Philanthropy in PR has become a part of the job description. Many within the world of media and agencies are passionate about using their status to promote goodwill around the globe, both in terms of awareness and funding.

The relationship between philanthropy and PR will certainly continue to flourish. Doing the right thing has the potential to yield invaluable results not only for your community but for business as well.

Visit https://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/message.html for additional information about the foundation.

Note: A version of this article will appear in The Philanthropy Journal in January of 2016. At this time photos from the Change Begins Within Benefit Concert will be featured as well as any new and relevant information pertaining to the foundation.

New York Spaces – Top 50 Designers 2015


New York Spaces honors the Top 50 for 2015 Designers, the eighth annual award given to those with exceptional work in design and architecture. Gotham PR proudly supports Agency Clients Michael Dawkins Home and Workshop/apd as they receive this coveted accolade.

See the full article from New York Spaces here: http://www.newyorkspacesmag.com/Top50Landing.cfm

Neiman Marcus Hosts Trunk Shows Nationally With Designer Brett Johnson Throughout Autumn 2015